Sweater bags


Bags in PP, PE-LD, PE-HD, biodegradable and compostable.
Custom-made flat or gusseted envelopes, small, medium and large in size.
The surface of the bag can be transparent, colored or opaque, neutral or personalized.


  • envelopes with removable and permanent sticker;

  • envelopes with minigrips;

  • envelopes with slider;

  • envelopes with European hole;

  • envelopes with hook;

  • Envelopes with handle;

There are many options for closing our envelopes, created specifically to satisfy every type of need.
The evolutionary trend of packaging, in fact, increasingly focuses on the concept of green and sustainable, exploiting sophisticated technologies for a transition towards organic materials with less impact on the environment: Due Gi has always been attentive to market innovations but above all to global trends and is ready to face this challenge with commitment and enthusiasm.

Bi-oriented tissue paper


Plastic tissue paper customizable in graphics and dimensions

Garment Cover Envelopes​


Plastic envelopes for coat covers with shaped or straight cut to be customized in graphics and dimensions

Online shipping envelopes


Ship quickly and conveniently by advertising your logo and facilitating any returns by the customer.
Co-extruded white and black – Closing flap with permanent adhesive (hot melt glue) Wire welding – Environmental label printing.

Christmas gift bags


Shiny metallic foil bags envelopes with adhesive available in various colors and sizes.

Plastic shopping bags of various sizes and colours.

Shopper Bags for Boutiques


The plastic bag or shopper, the most useful tool for transporting objects. A fundamental tool for logistics but also a strategic means of communication, which can be used to its fullest by carefully choosing its shape, material and colours. Starting from its fundamental characteristics, lightness and resistance, the shopper today is an advanced and technological object that can be totally customized for the project for which it is intended: advertising prints together with the choice of material itself often make the difference between a generic product and one custom-designed that can bring numerous benefits to end users as well as the companies that employ it, in terms of effectiveness, notoriety and even economic savings.
Plastic bags available with flex, bean and tank handles to customize in graphics, colors and sizes

Garbage bags


Regenerated plastic bags available in stock and customizable.